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Apply predictive maintenance to achieve 100% vehicle readiness
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“This tool will assist every level of vehicle management to make better and more timely decisions.”
Holloman Air Force Base
Fleet Manager, 49th LRS
Master your fleet with automation, analytics and readiness forecast
Unlock efficiency and become proactive, not reactive
Forecast Readiness
Stay ahead of unplanned downtime with a predictive maintenance scheduler
Report Analytics
Create custom dashboards to automate fleet analytics, graphs and KPIs
Automate your workflows
Eliminate manual work in Excel and PowerPoint by ingesting vehicle maintenance and staffing records
Create Risk Score
Reduce unscheduled maintenance by assessing probability of component breakdown and stream supply chain operations
Experience the full potential of FLIP
Unlock your data to save money, time and prevent unplanned disruptions.
How are we different?
No telematics sensors
Not reliant of telematics sensors: We have trained our models using Historical Maintenance Data from thousands of vehicles.
ML-powered scheduler to coordinate trips, drivers, repairs and supply chain to meet fleet needs
One place for all data
Unify Data Sources (Oracle EAM, GCSS-Army, DPAS, Blade, Excel, Power Point to serve the needs on the field)
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Air Force case study
Demonstrated benefits*
*per year, on a 500-vehicle fleet based on our machine learning models
Predicted breakdowns
Days of vehicle downtime
Maintenance labor and manual analysis
Cost Savings per Air Force Base
Cost savings across the Air Force and the Army would be more than
Reduce downtime on your fleet
Your one-stop shop for your fleet. Streamline your operations, cut cost and make informed decisions to transition to EVs.
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership; maintenance, insurance, fees and financing
Schedule deliveries, drivers and vehicle maintenance
Extend battery life
For EV Fleets
Save on charging costs
For EV Fleets
We are on a mission to empower the Department of Defense with vehicle predictive analytics to maintain continued unmatched strategic deterrence
Create fleet health visibility for the entire chain of command
Fewer failures, fewer disruptions. Increased readiness
Reduce supply-chain wait
Protect critical assets 24/7
Hear from those in the field
This tool will assist every level of Vehicle Management to make better and more timely decisions. It will help us budget our time and resources in a more efficient way.
Holloman AFB
Fleet Manager,
49th LRS
I want to be able to project workload based on past metrics and also project output based on past performance. This would give us a great predicter to base our manning and funding levels on.
Malmstrom AFB
Fleet Manager,
341th LRS
I’m so glad someone has taken a step to improve the enterprise with data collection. We want to see more of this development in the near future.
Minnesota National Guard
133rd Airlift Wing
This saves time from filtering excel and are much easier to view and understand at a quick glance.
Seymour Johnson AFB
4th LRS
With this information, we could perform more preventative maintenance or order parts ahead of time and reduce down time for vehicles...getting them back to the users who depend on them to generate air power.
Seymour Johnson AFB
Fleet Analysis,
4th MXG
A lot of the analysis I do is pieced together by pulling data and working in tools like Microsoft Excel and Access.
Municipal Fleet Manager
Supervisor of 1K vehicles
We have the 4th most-utilized fleet in the entire Air Force, so changes like this really matter. What can we do to implement this?
Minot AFB
Fleet Manager,
5th LRS
We are currently reactive rather than proactive in engagements. We are reliant on customers to ID the hurt for information that we should be able to assess quickly. The ability to capture seasonal trends, spend less time drafting the product and more time updating our programs and more focus on our customers and sections would be a vast improvement.
Seymour Johnson AFB
4th LRS
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